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How to add an IP Camera?

CamIn offers a variety of video sources that you can use in your recording or live streaming. You can add a single video source or combine multiple video sources, depending on your workflow.

Add an IP camrea

To get started, select IP Cameras > Add new from the list of CamIn sources that appears upon clicking on the [New area] button or the [add source] betton which is belongs to a specific area.

Add via URL

By default, the fields are empty until an IP camera URL or IP addresses are entered.

All field are required. IP Camera URL is the actual address of your IP camera. The title is used only for your IP cameras list — you may give your camera any title you want.

Acceptable URL

IP camera URL starting with http, https, RTSP, RTMP are acceptable.

Please note that CamIn does not provide IP camera URLs. To get the correct URL for your IP camera, contact the manufacturer or supplier of the IP camera directly.